Those Who Missed the Lesson

November 6th, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hey girls!

We had a lesson with Brother Callister & Brother Atkinson about the sacrament on Sunday. They gave the best experiences and the spirit was really strong, I wish you could have been there! But it is ok, we all have busy lives.

But we announced a project we will be doing for 4 Sundays that I wanted to tell you guys about.

The project is to help us pay more attention to the ordinance of the sacrament during church. We will be doing it for four sundays in a row.

During the lesson everyone received a journal:

On the first page of the journal will be a list of everyone’s ideas on what you can do before or during the sacrament to help you focus or feel Christ’s love. Every single girl during the lesson listed an idea, and they were all different. Try one or two each Sunday to see which one works for you:

On the next page of the journal will be a question for you to ponder or write about during sacrament. Every week there will be a new question for you to write about or ponder.


#1 You will PICK UP and RETURN your journals on a table right outside the chapel doors. You won’t take the journal home yet. So don’t forget to take your journals on your way into sacrament meeting every week and return them. This is only for four weeks. Your name will be on a journal. 

#2 NO CELL PHONES, we are asking that all YW stay off their cell phones during sacrament meeting. To just try it for these four weeks. 



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