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January 16th, 2012 in Love of Local in Utah

To all my local friends:

The ladies always take off a couple of months during the holidays and don’t go out to do reviews or write anything. I wanted to tell you that we are FINALLY back and reviewing a place I set up and can’t sing enough of their praises.

I hope I don’t get in trouble for this, but I am going to post the “PREVIEW” post here on my blog — as well as on

Another cupcake shop?


That is what I thought when One Sweet Slice opened up by my house, and I proceeded to tell to my husband I was getting a bit sick of cupcakes. The shop opened up nearby on 10600 South & Redwood Road in South Jordan.

But then on a day that I needed sugar, I went into the shop and was beyond impressed. I loved the customer service, the sweet owner, the taste of the cupcakes and the selection. My husband (who usually thinks cupcakes are dry, lack flavor and are a bit of a bore) found the cupcakes to be moist, flavorful, inventive and the perfect treat.

My favorite has always been the Raspberry Chocolate.

So I quickly changed my mind! I was grateful and a little nervous to have this cupcake shop close to my house. I mean, I bet that shop has added to holiday weight quite a bit. Oh, but it is oh so worth it.

Then I had them do my daughter’s personalized sculpted cake, and was just blown away once again with the attention to detail, technique, taste and the magic of the cake.

I knew I had to get the Sassies in there to check it out and review on our site.

Let me tell you a bit about the store & the sweet owner:

The owner, Janell, started doing wedding cakes when she found she had some extra time and an itch to do something creative after her first child was born. Her business grew and grew, and she has made beautiful wedding cakes for numerous people. Now three more children later, Janell decided she needed a storefront!

But she needed to add something for the regular customer just wanting a sweet treat. CUPCAKES! She thought she would just simply put her perfected & delicious cake batter in the cupcake tins and it would be just as perfect. But she quickly learned it was a totally different arena with cupcakes. So she took six weeks to perfect all her NEW cupcake recipes. *And let me tell you: boy, does it show.*

Her store has been open for not even a year yet, and so far it has been successful and enjoyable. They have new flavors they try out all the time as specials. And if the special does well enough, they put it into the regular rotations. They also do frozen drinks, hot chocolate, cake pops, brownies, smaller circle cakes for get-togethers and custom cakes for weddings, parties and birthdays. The shop itself is adorable — a fun place to sit and eat a sweet treat. They hold birthday parties in the back for younger children. They also teach older children to do cupcakes or cakes for a party. I am excited that soon they are going to hold decorating classes (the owner used to teach Wilton classes back in the day) to offer their grown up customers.

One Sweet Slice

1644 W. Towne Center Dr  Suite D6, South Jordan, UT 84095
(801) 727-4275



But wait… Here is the thing…

I have learned that people’s preferences in cupcakes are a lot like finding “The Perfect Chocolate Chip Cookie.” Everyone likes certain things in cupcakes (just like cookies) that are totally different than the preferences of everyone else!

So what did the Sassies think of One Sweet Slice? Were they impressed as I have been? Or do the tastes of the cupcakes not mirror their personal likes and dis-likes? We shall see. Stay tuned to the official review on Wednesday!


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