Family Photo Day

August 25th, 2009 in family

We have never had family photos done.

There is a reason.

And the photographer realized what it was 2 minutes after meeting us.

I cannot control my children.  Yes, they are 1 1/2 and 3, but still- who is their mother?!  I have no idea. I know I only have two, and I can’t do it.  Mothers of more than two, bite your tongue.

Sanae from SanaeJamesPhotography is absolutely amazing because she was able to stay friendly, happy, professional, and obtain amazing shots of our insane family.

I mean the lady didn’t run away, yank her hair out OR scream at us, “YOU SHOULD NOT BE IN CHARGE OF CHILDREN!”

You know what else I really love about SanaeJames Photography? She pays attention to every detail, which puts her company, photography, packaging, customer service, EVERYTHING a high notch above anyone else.

She specializes in photography for seniors, families, bridal, wedding, engagement, and children’s portraits. Be sure to browse her blog.  I just love looking at photography.

Just imagine.  If your children actually listen to any direction, your pictures could be even better than this! I am too hard on us.  I think they turned out pretty amazing, all in thanks to SanaeJames Photography.

Sanae is offering my readers a promotional offer.  You will recieve a $25 complimentary print credit towards your session if you mention my name or my blog as a referral.


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