California Beach

July 5th, 2012 in About Me, Beauty in Everyday, Nature

I am so glad I got this shot—it’s Poki’s classic “IT MAKES ME NERVOUS” face before she erupts into some form of a tantrum. This also explains how she feels about the beach. She is terrified of the water, “Because the waves feel like they are going to just suck you in and not let you out!” Which is true, it is what it feels like! So when I don’t have a huge baby in my belly I usually find a calm spot and take her in on my hip so she can have a good experience with the water. This time all I could do was take her on a walk right along the shore. Which she did not enjoy but also could stand.

 Abby on the other hand is meant for the beach–her heart is meant for it. Just like her mama! Something inside happens to me when I am at the beach–everything inside is completely calm, happy, and at peace. Abby is just as happy at the beach and loves being in the waves. I wish I could have gone boarding with her out into the ocean. But I am like a bloated whale, would probably have floated away, and not been able to swim back into shore.

Shae…Shae was a stinkerbum the whole trip but I think she enjoyed throwing the sand everywhere.

Wonderful afternoon!

The next time we are at a beach it will be in Costa Rica, WHERE WE WILL BE LIVING, how crazy is that?

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