Alice in Wonderland Kid’s Party

October 5th, 2011 in About Me, Parties

No no, not an Alice in Wonderland Kid’s Party — more like an EXTRAVAGANZA!

Well there were a few hiccups, but it was still fun. Abby stayed up late the night before to help me put everything together. My girls are so cute — they help me make lists and decisions on things we should do for parties, and then we work on them together. I have created party planning monsters, I tell you. The poor man who lives at this house will one day have it with these parites. But not yet; we are still safe.

So after Abby helped me, I stayed up too late and then sadly didn’t wake up when the girls started making noise. So when the birthday girl, Cameron, busted through her crepe paper at the bottom of the stairs and saw the set up for the first time…I was passed out in my bed, dead to the world.

Any-who, onto the party details!

Theme: Alice in Wonderland

Invite: Tied onto a hat with a flower in the side

Starring: My mother as the Queen of Hearts, Abby as the Ice Queen, myself as The Mad Hatter and the birthday girl as Alice. Also, we had a stuffed rabbit and cheshire cat seated at the table. The other characters adorned the cupcakes.

Craft: Decorate your own Mad Hatter hat!

Games: We started the party off by reading an Alice in Wonderland book. Then we played Follow the “Rabbit” (Follow the Leader), Rabbit-Rabbit-Alice (Duck Duck Goose), The Red Queen Says (Simon Says) and Freeze Dancing. And I was planning on doing a fun, timed (you know, along with the theme!) scavenger hunt, but as I was standing there starting to tell the kids about it…I realized I had never done it. So we just played all the easy games over again.

Party Gifts: We gave all the guests the birthday girl’s birthday flower (October is a Marigold), an Alice in Wonderland book of their own (I bought 4 different types of Alice in Wonderland books) and a box of candy. I like the idea of giving books at the end of a party for the party gift; I’m going to do that again. Oh yes, and the personalized wooden name-tags I made for everyone.

Food: TeaPot Cake and Cupcakes from One Sweet Slice in South Jordan. Then a “MAD PUNCH” (aka grape soda, strawberry soda, gummy bugs, gummy worms and dry ice)

Decor: Flower balls on the backs of chairs, tablecloth fabric and hanging wreath that we have used for every birthday in this house for the past 3 years, all of the teapots and teacups that my mom and I own, tags are from and fake flower petals.

Don’t give me flack for my parties, anyone. We do them cause WE LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT IT.

The End.

P.S. ‘Twas fun.


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