Zip-lining & Wonderful Food

December 10th, 2011 in Our Travels Worldwide

I didn’t want to use a nanny from any of the agencies out here because, heck, even in America I am uptight about who watches my kids. So this put us in a bind when we were planning a zip-line/canopy tour through the jungle. What were we going to do with Shae? We decided we would have to take turns, but then we remembered Cameron….no way was that little girl going to dangle from 150 feet up in the air. So after reassuring Tyler I was fine with not going, he and Abby took off on their adventure!

Tyler said he was going so fast at times through the tops of the trees that it felt like a green tube. Abby got to go on the slower parts by herself and she saw some bats. They had a blast. Tyler filmed a little bit of Abby going on the slow parts:

The food in Costa Rica has been wonderful. We have not had a bad meal! For breakfast each day, we have something simple that we bought from the local grocery store. We go out for either lunch or dinner, and stay home to cook for the meal we didn’t go out. Tyler has cooked some wonderful things here at the house:

And we have enjoyed eating out in Playa Hermosa and Jaco: lots of rice, seafood, beans and meat. In Jaco, I highly recommend Wishbone and  a couple of little family-run “soda” restaurants. Almost every restaurant has the name SODA in it. I guess it just means a small family-run restaurant! We don’t like fancy places that are in hotels or resorts — not our scene — so we are loving these little places.

Love the fresh coconuts everywhere...

I *HAVE* always wanted to get new coconuts in a new country!
Bada-bing! Ok bad joke, but hey 3 kids have been hard on me!


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