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December 28th, 2015 in Parties

I have a calling (assignment–unpaid–but oh so worth it) in my church as the Young Women President. We have 30 girls between the ages of 12-18 that we teach each Sunday and do activities with every Tuesday night. There are a few things in the summer and I have 7 hard working women that help me run this organization of the church. It is a lot of work. When I get released (hopefully not for a long long time) I will cry like a baby just like a did when I was asked to do it. I love all the girls a lot like I love my daughters and hope I’m in their lives forever. It is also a lot of work, really part time job hours. But worth it in so many ways. The main way is that I know that our Savior’s love for us is very real. He is very real and how He loves us is very real. I feel it from him for these girls every moment of every day.

Once a year we invite the parents to come along with the girls and we have a special program. We honor the girls for accomplishments they have completed and close out the year’s theme. It is an activity that is fancier—in dress and refreshments and decor.

This year we had a garden theme in our decor and words. Thankfully someone better with words spoke and I did the decor.

I’ll show you our idea because it turned out really beautifully:

YW in Excellence Garden Theme

We had the girls grab a flower crown on the way in to wear.

ywinexcellence ywinexcellenceflowers

You can really only put tacks in the ceiling to do decorations so I had to get creative. I hung the lace fabric up with tacks and then had to sew on the letters and fern.


All the leaders dressed in a value color and brought a treat in the value color as well.

youngwomensinexcellence ywinexcellencelds ywinexcellenceideas ywinleaders

We had thoughts on how you can compare Jesus to a gardener who cares for us. Also some words on how personal progress instills in us good habits that we will have for a lifetime.

It was a wonderful night! I just wish it had been on a different night, so many of our girls couldn’t come. It is a busy time of year for everyone! Maybe next year we will try for October to do this.



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