You Know. The *OLD* Cousin

July 21st, 2010 in About Me

The dynamic has changed…big time. A few years ago my sisters and I were ROYALTY in the extended family clan on my dad’s side. We were the older girls out of all of the cousins, and we are older by quite a bit. The other cousins *ahem* adored us.  It’s true.

Now we are just a bunch of old moms that some days (ok fine, a lot of days) don’t have the time to brush our hair.

What am I saying? I am trying to put myself in a group but no, it’s just ME. I am the old one now! I am the one who doesn’t get noticed or talked to.  I say things that embarrass the younger cousin crowd.

At the last family get together I found myself saying things like…

“So last night I was at Forever 21 with my friends….”

“Of COURSE I know who that band is, I think I went to see them before….ya know, they went big.”

“You have a cell phone at 15?  That is CRAZY!”

“Yes, let me pretend to know what you are talking about and try to be, once again, the cool cousin.”

Wait, did I say that one out loud? I might have.

How can I get my glory back? Lose weight? Botox? Shopping Spree? Read up on all the new bands? Wear those plastic neon sunglasses?

I mean, look at that picture.  A couple of them are ANNOYED I AM TAKING A PICTURE OF THEM.

Holy Smokes.

I guess I’ll have to wait until they all pop out babies.  Maybe by then I’ll be the older, hotter, wiser 40 year old?

Yes, let’s plan on that.  Especially the hot 40 year old part.


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