You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower

June 3rd, 2014 in Parties

I hear by proclaim that I am retiring from “showers” for a decade. If one of my 12 year old nieces need one in a decade, sign me up. But until then, I am retired. I loved doing Laura’s shower as my last shower for awhile though!

My little sister Laura is having a baby boy at the end of the summer and she requested a You Are My Sunshine Baby Shower.






I was kind of sad that I just had to set up, say hello, and run. We had to do it when it worked for everyone and I just ended up being the odd man out on the planning. Abby had a dance competition. So I wasn’t around for the games or gifts or anything. It was brunch and we served different berry sweet rolls, a yogurt parfait bar, fresh fruit, quiches, juice, and donuts.

But I heard she had a wonderful time! I liked this sweet theme a lot.

Boy banner from TwoChikkadees on Etsy

Sunshine wood decor from TheDoubleDubs on Etsy


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