Won’t Forget This

You know the feeling when you are just bursting with joy that you can’t contain it? That you are grinning from ear to ear all on your own. No one is telling you a joke or looking your way but you just are smiling as big as your face will allow.

Man it felt good. I won’t ever forget this afternoon of mine.

We took a tour of historic Granada via a carriage ride. Everyone was happy and enjoying it, even the babies. At the end the tour the guide took us to the edge of Lake Nicaragua. It was down a long run-down dirt road that was empty. He asked if the girls would like a turn driving the horses.

Poki went first screaming in delight as she yee-hawed those horses down that dirt road. Giving me a glimpse into the future about 10 years to when she will be learning to drive. Boy did she like driving those horses fast down that rocky dirt road. That little blonde, spit fire, spunky girl had those horses by the reigns and was having the time of her life. I cheered her on, “Go Poki, GO!!” while we all held on tight. Really tight.

Next it was Abby’s turn. She was more timid and trying not to crack a smile. He showed her how to turn the horses different directions and to make them stop. She was being so gentle with the reigns that the horses didn’t listen to her. She was in heaven as well getting to have some fun. She felt important the she got to drive the carriage through the city.

It made me remember these two girls of mine are really just night and day. That I’ll be worried about having two teenage drivers in a decade. But that with one I’ll be a heck of a lot more worried about than the other.

But mostly, that our life is good. Very good. And every night I say thank you to God for taking such good care of my little family.

Pura Vida.

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