Wishing You a Wonderful Holiday

December 21st, 2010 in About Me

Wishing You…

A Holiday full of no fighting…or hitting…or whining…kids

A Holiday where you can get along with your husband…because he is home A LOT this week

A Holiday where none of the neighbors pass their sickies to your house

A Holiday full of no family drama

A Holiday where no dogs get sick

A Holiday where someone remembers what your favorite stocking stuffer candy is and gives it to you to munch on Christmas morning…or heck, you just buy it for yourself

A Holiday that people pitch in and help you because (holy moley) you are worn out

A Holiday where not one more person tells you, “WOW, you are really showing now! Oh really, you have until APRIL?!”

A Holiday in which you remember how much you love your family and all the time you put into the day really…really paid off and you can be *proud*

Ok, I guess those were kind of selfish and aimed towards me BUT I hope
you have a wonderful holiday too.

See you in 2011 (or a little sooner if I want to show off how our Christmas went! Which I probably will…)

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