Wishing Happy Birthday from far away!

January 5th, 2013 in Parties, party time

I had a couple of aunts growing up that always remembered my birthday. It meant a lot back then and it does now. There were a couple times in my life (in the snotty teenager phase) that I didn’t want to talk to my parents about things. Thankfully, I have some really great aunts and uncles.

So ya know what? I always want to be the aunt that remembers birthdays. And I always have. But how do you do it from so far away? Without having it be a big hassle or cost a pretty penny?

Personalized You Tube Videos.

Once a month you sit down and film the segments for the people who have a birthday in the next month. You film your kids singing happy birthday to the person, do a little clip of the babies smiling and kissing the camera. Have paper and crayons out for them to color birthday cards and show it to the camera. Then have your kids “show off” something to your loved ones. If you live in a place that is far away they would love to see your favorite spot in nature, place to get an icecream cone, place to sit and read in the library, something at your school, dance class, etc. What I did is just one week I carried around my camera in my purse and filmed them showing off 5-6 things while we were already at them. No special trips needed.

Then you have your formula:

Happy Birthday Song Clip + Showing of Babies Clip + Showing Something Off + Birthday Card = Really Great Birthday Message (that was cheap, meaningful, and cost nothing to send)

I plan on doing this once a month but if you have a smaller family you could even do it just a couple times a year (the preperation for it). The one tricky thing is that I didn’t want to send the same clips to members of the family who lived under the same roof. Meaning I didn’t want to send one clip to Aunt Laura that had the same clips as the one I sent to her husband. Then the second person to get it wouldn’t feel as special, so keep that in mind when you put together the clips.

Dang you could get all fancy and add special effects to the videos, music, screen shots of the birthday person, have the adult say a funny joke. You could do a lot of fun things with this.

Fabulous idea, huh?

I know I know, I am the bestest.

Here this is the video we sent my mother in law today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY MOM!


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