Why Thank You, Chickens

December 16th, 2010 in About Me, Nature, Raising Kids on Read Food

This past week we got 3-5 eggs every single morning. The kids and I haven’t been able to go out and collect them because my husband is way too excited and runs out to do it himself.


We had a special breakfast to celebrate. Let me tell you something about these eggs…you don’t add milk…you don’t add salt….or pepper. You cook them up and eat them and then think, “WOW. THIS is what eggs are supposed to taste like?”

Thank you chickens. Hope you have enjoyed the extra special scraps lately from Mama. It is borderline weird how attached we are to these chickens. We had a big snowstorm out here and both Abby and I woke up at 5am throwing on all our snow stuff to make sure they were ok. What can I say? We have raised them from little baby chicks! We love Piper, Audrey, Lily, Athena, Belle and Buttercup.

Notes: We aren’t pros on raising backyard chickens but we are learning…I have a poultry feeder and a water container which helps with keeping the feed and water full for them. Two times a day we pour hot water over the iced water to thaw it out during the cold months. We bought hay for their living space. My husband tried to really stuff hay into their house and shut their doors. But every single morning the chickens have busted out the side door and pushed the hay out…so maybe they like it cold. We also bought a nicer kennel cover to go over just HALF of the dog run. This way, they do get shelter from the snow on half of the side…but also have a great amount of sunlight on the other.


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