Whole Foods at Trolley Square

March 18th, 2011 in local, Love of Local in Utah

I went on a media tour of Whole Foods at Trolley Square with my girls. Abby was the photographer and Cameron took the notes. They were the cutest and (might I say) the most well behaved of all the media at the event 😉  I am trying to read these notes covered in scribbles and have about 20 pictures of my belly and rear. But let me tell you what I remember and what really stood out about Whole Foods at Trolley Square for me.

We live a bit in the boonies so I make monthly or bi-monthly trips up to Salt Lake to hit a good health food store and stock up on things. Then we usually go to a fun museum and get other errands done in Salt Lake. How I wish that I had a good health food store nearby…but it probably won’t happen for a good 10 years, if it even does. The following reasons are why Whole Foods at Trolley Square will be my stop from now on:

  • Seafood: I want to buy responsibly caught and raised seafood where I know WHAT is in the fish. At this store they let you know in what “class” your fish was caught and they have plenty of “Responsibly Caught Seafood” options that look oh so yummy and fresh.
  • Bulk Section: Their bulk section of everything from snacks to beans to grains is quite a bit larger than any other health food store in Utah, including the other Whole Foods locations in Utah.
  • Flowers: If I had all the money in the world my house would be full of fresh flowers all the time. Whole Foods has a beautiful floral section and all of the flowers are FAIR TRADE certified. We love fair trade at this house.
  • Certified STORE: Whole Foods is a certified organic STORE, not just a store that carries a small shelf of organic goods and calls it good. They have to pass some strict tests. For instance, their fridges have to hold only organic items.  They can’t have everything just thrown in together.
  • Packaged Items: I know it seems off, but the main reason I travel to these health food stores is to bulk up on the PACKAGED items. Like the juice boxes, kid’s snacks, pasta, marinara, munchie stuff, soda, etc. Because I use that stuff! But when you get it at Whole Foods all of their selections are free of hydrogenated oil, artificial sweeteners and color dyes. And the Whole Foods 365 Value brand is super affordable.
  • Lunch: Mmm… I love when grocery stores also serve yummy lunches. They have an Asian wok station (oh, it is GOOD!), burrito bar, sandwich bar, fresh oven-baked pizza bar, gelato bar, HUGE salad bar and a hot bar.
  • Supporting Local: I am always looking for the next local cheese line, bakery, bread company, etc. to try out. Whole Foods has a lot of them right there for you. For instance, in the bakery and deli they use flour from Central Milling in Logan, some bread from Rum Brothers, gluten free cakes from City Cakes, cookies from Ruby Snap (previously My Dough Girl) and cheese from Beehive Cheese. That is just a little bit of local flavor they offer and since I am married to a man who owns a local business…WE SUPPORT LOCAL.

Lastly! Their Kid’s Club is pretty awesome…

…and this explains why I posted the Easter Egg Dyeing thing so early (see post below) because I wanted to show you guys what that was….

#1 Get your kids a “Club Card” and every time you go shopping they get a free snack. They are pre-selected snacks and change, but really? A free snack every time you go shopping with the kiddos? That is awesome and you can use it at all 4 locations in Utah.

#2 Events, every 2nd Saturday. The first event is April 9th with the Easter Bunny coming. They are doing a dyeing eggs natural class (hence my latest post) and doing an egg hunt in the store. I can’t find a time yet but I would just call over there to see. I hope we can make it or I can talk someone into taking the girls.


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