Where Do I Live?

December 14th, 2012 in Crafts, homeschool, Learning

Before we moved Cameron was really confused on where the world we were going. Costa Rica? Wait. California? Wait. To the palm trees? In California? No, Costa Rica? In America? Not America? Wait where? So when I saw this idea on a teacher forum for this little book I knew it was perfect.

It also helps the child learn the difference between a continent, city, state, etc. The top page is the smallest and then every single page you do a little bigger until the last page which should just end up being a full page size.

It would be a fun keepsake too!

Layout of Book:

Top Page: picture of the child

Page 2: picture of house

Page 3: picture of street

Page 4: picture of city

Page 5: picture of state

Page 6: picture of country

Page 7: picture of continent

Bottom Page: drawing of Earth

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