Where did the Sassies go in May?

June 4th, 2011 in About Me

Sadly I missed *ALL* these reviews, but I did get to stay at home and hold a cuddly baby. :) But I wanted to fill you guys in on what the SassyScoops.com Utah review group did this past month. Let me know if you try any of the places!

Food Carts are the newest and best thing and FINALLY Utah has a great one!

Yes! A food CART. It is the hottest thing to try out. Grab your lunch from one when you are in downtown Salt Lake. Da HotDog King is a full-service street cart that offers a variety of hot dogs and polish sausages. Troy, the owner, serves the entire Salt Lake City area but has a few favorite locations: 400 South and Main Street across from the federal courthouse and a night or two a week at Club Jam in the Marmalade District. Troy is also doing an awesome promotion for SassyScoops readers. Visit his hot dog cart, which you can usually find at 4th South and Main Street, and mention “SassyScoops” to him and he will give you a FREE HOT DOG of your choice! You can read our full review here: http://www.sassyscoops.com/food/review-da-hotdog-king/

Have you tried Mini’s Cupcakes in Salt Lake City?

The Sassies were invited to spend a day with Leslie, the owner, founder and creator of Mini’s Cupcakes. They learned the history of her bakery, her affinity for 70’s paraphernalia, and her passion for cupcakes. In addition, they experienced a variety of cupcake flavors ranging from lemon (baked with her homemade lemon curd), to Breakfast at Tiffany’s (a vanilla cake with powder blue buttercream frosting), to PB Fix (a chocolate cupcake topped with a peanut butter frosting and garnished with peanuts). Do YOU want to give this place a try? Then you probably should enter the giveaway for a dozen cupcakes here: http://www.sassyscoops.com/food/sometimes-size-does-matter-minis-cupcakes/


We know, we know. We reviewed this place a year ago! But they invited us again and it IS Smashburger. We thought it would be ok because they DID have brand new menu items. Yep that is right. And to hear what they are you’ll have to read our post on it and enter the giveaway to try them YOURSELF: http://www.sassyscoops.com/reviews/smashing-burgers-at-smashburger-in-draper/


The UPS Stores in Utah are full-service printing centers for your personal and business necessities. Business reports and presentations, spiral-bound picture books, color calendars (with adorable pictures of your family or your favorite cat or whatever you want), business cards, posters and collages, laminating, binding and special papers. One store even prints paper back books. Special projects or ideas can also be accommodated. The UPS Store Utah is offering SassyScoops.com readers a very special—and awesome—promotion! SassyScoops.com readers can get color prints (or copies) at only .25 a piece!


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