When Did YOU *KNOW*

October 15th, 2009 in Life

Note to my husband…don’t let this post freak you out…I am just in the mood to TALK “baby talk” and I might have watched “A Baby Story” again today during nap-time (I have been forbidden to watch that show).

So my big question is: When Did YOU *KNOW* it was time for you to have a baby? For your first or second or sixth?

Warning Signs I guess you could say 😉

Warning Signs with #1:

There were none.  I wanted a baby from the age of 16.  Luckily, I didn’t have one until 22.

Warning Signs with #2

Still head over heels in love with being a brand new mother, I thought I should get knocked up when Abby was only a few months old. I did not know how much hard work there was going to be. I am just now feeling like I can —-breathe—–

Do tell, when did you *KNOW* it was time for a new baby?


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