What’s In the Basement?!

October 5th, 2010 in local

“What’s in the Basement” at the Utah Museum of Natural History is one of my favorite local events here in Utah. Sad news, though.

This weekend is the last one. Because Utah Museum of Natural History is getting a well deserved and needed, fancy-smanshy new building, this is the last “What’s in the Basement.”

What’s in the Basement event is this Saturday, October 9, from 9:30 am – 5:00 pm

  • The Exhibit Mount-Making Shop where a team ranging from exhibit designers to welders are preparing a structure for each and every object that will be on display in the New Museum.  Visitors to What’s in the Basement will be able to “peek inside” to the design and construction process as well as see a prototype of the Utah Minerals exhibit to be located in the O.C. Tanner Mineral Hall in the new Museum Building.
  • The Exhibit Mount-Making Team will also demonstrate how they are preparing some huge T-Rex and ceratopsian fossils for display.

Last year the girls and I saw once in a lifetime things like…a thousand year old petrified ant hill.  We got to hold and touch dinosaur teeth and we felt and held fossils I know we will never be able to hold in our hands again.

So yes, you should go.

I also wanted to tell you a bit about their NEW building! I helped them put together a “Blogger Event” where we got to go behind the scenes on a “Hard Hat Tour” of the new Utah Museum of Natural History.

I’ll just tell you about my favorite things so far:

  • It is going to be in a BEAUTIFUL part of Salt Lake City, in between Red Butte Gardens and The Hogle Zoo.
  • It will have lots of hands on activities for families (I love those).
  • It’s a BEAUTIFUL building.  The copper ore is stunning and the amount of thought that has gone into every single aspect of the building, including preserving the nature and wildlife, is just very impressive.

Look at my super serious look here.

You can read what the other bloggers thought of the new building, the construction process, what new exhibits they are excited for (I can’t wait for the Native American storytelling room) and how they enjoyed the tour.  I have linked to all of them below:

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(front row, left to right) Kami from No Biggie, her post here. Jenn from Tatertots & Jello, her post here. Janet Fraiser, marketing director for the museum. Pamela from Wasatch Woman Magazine. Emily from Is This Really My Life, post coming soon!

Phew! Lots of fun blogs to check out and then….

We enjoyed a wonderful lunch treated by the Corner Bakery Cafe. Thumbs up on the delicious paninis, whoopie pies, lemon bars and atmosphere of the bakery. Triple thumbs up: this is the place I go to for “lunch dates” and to take out of towners. You will have to try one near you!


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