Whatcha Get?

January 7th, 2010 in About Me

I love asking people what their favorite present was over the holidays. Yes its OK.  You can say something was your favorite. We got lots of beautiful (oil print of Jesus I have wanted for years), very badly needed (set of new pots and pans), and fun (the Wii) presents. 

But my favorite? Well, that would be something my mother should have, from an outside view, handed to my daughters.  But she handed it to ME because she’s my mama and knows me.

She made a “Forest Friend” box that I clearly will NOT admit to playing with by myself when my kids have wandered away. Isn’t it beautiful?

Sleeping bags for the forest friends (which, by the way, are my old wooden toys my Grandpa made for me), butterflies in a box, apples to munch on, stools to sit on, a river to play in, mirrors on the wall and twig framed pictures of relatives.

Oh my, can you tell THIS would be my favorite present?

Well it was.  There, I said it.  What was yours?

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