What I’ve Been MEANING to Cook

October 23rd, 2009 in cooking

I try to put one recipe on my blog a week.  I love to cook- I really do, but I have been in a cooking funk!

So this is what I’ve been meaning to cook.

1. I am still attempting to figure out tofu and wanted to give this Pan Fried Vegan Tofu Recipe a try.

2. Homemade Pasta. The Pioneer Woman Cooks gives a great tutorial on this. I have never made my own pasta and have been wanting to try for months!

3. Our Monday Maven’s Pumpkin Cheesecake Bars as soon as I can. I must!

4. My favorite soup, Brocolli Cheese Soup. This Week for Dinner has an amazing looking recipe.

5. We love Challah bread (did you know Harmons makes it every Friday?) Martha has a recipe for Apple-Honey Challah I have been wanting to whip up.

What are some recipes you have been wanting to try?

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