What is it that you DO?

May 22nd, 2010 in About Me

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Have I never fully explained what I do for a living? I get messages here or there saying, “What do you mean when you say you do this?  Why are you meeting with so and so?”

Let me clear this all up and try to explain what it is that I really DO.  What I do for a living, that is.

I am a stay at home mother.  Being a mother is my #1 job. I am also a work at home mother who, at times, has way too many meetings and things going on.  Too many things taking me away from being a stay at home mom, which is hard for me, even though I am grateful for the amazing opportunities.

Social Media Consulting: I run a Social Media Marketing company where I either run company’s social media accounts OR I just meet with different clients for “consulting” to help them with their social media accounts. For example, I work for a few fashion designers; they run all pitches by me that have to do with online marketing. I help them with ideas on press releases, new designs of websites and how to increase their sales. We work together on what they want to represent and how to execute it on their facebook, twitter, you tube and blog accounts. I could go on and on talking about the different things I do for my long term clients and short term consulting clients, but I’ll spare you!

Making Money Through Blogging: I make a full time living with my blog in many different ways; sponsored ads, affiliate networks, ad networks, getting paid to write on other websites, consulting fees, campaigns with large companies, joint ventures and a handful of other things. Being self employed is very empowering but at the same time quite stressful.

Blog Coaching Program: About 9 months ago I decided that since I had so many people coming to me for advice on how to make money with their blogs that I really needed to turn it into a product. A product that I knew would help people who really wanted to learn to grow their blog and make money with it. It is a seven month program where people pay a monthly fee to get weekly audio & video coaching on how to accomplish this.

Sassy Scoops: I love supporting local and my community.  I have wonderful friends that do too. We all came together to use our social media skills, local following and passion for this and started a site last year. We feature a new local company every single week and I just have a ball with it.

Our Family Business: I call it our “family business” because legally we are both equal shareholders of our corporation, CommuniCanine Inc. We are a completely self employed family, which is liberating but unbelievably stressful, even when it goes very well. My husband has a local dog training company where he does “boot camps” and private in home sessions with training dogs. He does some protection training work on the side as well. Yes, we own a huge rottweiler trained in protection and I love having him around. We also have a branch in St. George, Utah and are continuing to grow. Then we have an online membership site where people all over the nation pay a monthly fee to have access to the site and watch videos, get dvd’s, read articles and listen to audio on how to train their own dogs. I say “we,” even though I just keep busy doing the random errands, book-keeping and chatting with my husband about how to continually grow our family businesses.

+ a few other things here and there. But I am getting tired just typing this all out.  Hopefully this has helped you a bit more to get “What I Do!”

Disclaimer: I am stretched very thin with all of this, I mean v-e-r-y thin, especially lately with how busy my April & May have been. I just landed a contract with a company I cannot announce yet but the money from the contract will go to having an assitant, starting in July. And I cannot wait.


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