What do I want EVERYONE to know and see?

June 30th, 2009 in About Me

Erin over at TodaysMama wrote a post after watching tonight’s episode of “Raising the Bar.” The episode was about a father who posts an innocent picture of his little boy in a bathtub on his public family blog and it winds up on a child pornographer’s website. The father is taken to trial and faces charges dealing with child pornography and the possibility of being registered as a sex offender for life. She wrote about her personal take on the episode and also about how much she chooses to share online about her child.

While watching the episode I started to browse around online to see if there were any local stories dealing with this subject and mom bloggers. I found an article The Deseret News just published titled “Does posting photos online jeopardize your family?” I have to say there were some quotes in that article from other bloggers that rubbed me the wrong way. I don’t like people “suggesting,” “telling,” “offering opinions” on what I should do. Just ask my husband!

Then I decided to get real honest with myself, take a step back and reassess my decisions:

Our family blog–Invite-only when I post information I would not want people to see. I don’t even post our actual address anywhere. I feel okay with this.

Facebook–All of the extra privacy settings are on and I am careful who I let see my profile. I feel okay with this.

THIS blog–Sometimes I really do wish I never used my girls’ names but sometimes I feel the complete opposite way. I do think the pictures I post are always appropriate.

Twitter–I get a HUGE thumbs down on this. I reread my tweets and was so upset with myself. Tweeting to the whole wide web where we planned to go that day for fun?! Stupid. Stupid. Stupid.

I always considered myself such an overprotective parent; my girls are rarely without him


…a (you don’t even want to know how much $$) trained protection dog. I watch my kids like a HAWK and they are never, ever to be away from my side in public. They aren’t allowed to roam the neighborhood, play outside alone or go to anyone’s home I don’t know extremely well.

But after watching “Raising the Bar” and reading the article on TodaysMama I was able to reassess my online presence with open eyes and realize some things I was doing were not safe.

I definitely was not as responsible a parent as I could have been and now will be.

Take the time today to look at YOUR online presence and if you really want EVERYONE to know all the information you are sharing.


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