Well Folks, I am Stepping Down…

May 16th, 2011 in About Me

No no, not from blogging! That is too much a part of my life.  I think I will always blog. It might be less frequent during different times of my life but I will always be a blogger.

Three years ago I started a social media marketing company called AKickIntheBuzz.com and worked with some amazing clients over the years. I either ran their social media for them or just consulted with the company on how to do it themselves. While pregnant I was having a hard time handling everything and took my clients down to only 5 a month…then 3 a month. And now I have closed up shop. It was a wonderful way to make money with what I had learned being involved in social media.  It was also a great way to make relationships with wonderful business owners out there. But the time came where even though I loved the mula mula, I needed to step down.

About two years ago I started an online coaching program called MomsMakeMoneyBlogging.com with a seven month audio and video course to teach people how to set up, drive traffic to and make money with their blog. It has been great and I still know making money through a blog is very doable (and I do currently make a part time living). I loved speaking on it, helping all the different clients and meeting all these wonderful bloggers through it. I might even one day re-film it (because the blog world is ever changing) and re-open the program. But for now it is time to step down.

I don’t have a part time nanny or a house cleaner anymore because my work load has been cut down considerably. But that was the plan. With a new baby, a new project I am working on stemming from my blog AND a husband with a very busy growing brand/career/business, it’s time. And even though it does make me a bit sad, different phases of your life call for different things. And I am learning to be ok with that.

I think.

I did say I was LEARNING to be okay with it 😉

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