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February 20th, 2012 in Giveaways

I have gone back and forth about doing this annual “Blog Birthday Bash” or not. I sent out a quick email to my old company contacts and got 4 or 5 yes answers for giveaways. These are companies I adore so it would be an easy write-up to feature them.

On the other hand, my blog is changing and sometimes I feel really confused on where it should go. Not too many family members read my blog so sometimes I wonder why I keep it updated “for family,” but I still have thousands of visitors every day. But I gave up being a “professional” blogger and making money for my family through my blog before Shae was born. So what do I do with all of this?

I was asked to give a presentation on blogging for an LDS stake down in Provo, and it really has been heaven-sent. More specifically, it is a presentation that my mom and I entitled, “Blogging – Your Life Now, Family History & Using Your Blog to Strengthen Your Family.” Now I have clarity on what I would like my blog to be. Can’t wait to share that presentation with you all as well. But part of my life, part of the way I bond with my kids and the things that I love will always be: cooking as a family, reading with my kids and doing fun activities with them. So I know those things will still be around on the blog because they are a part of my life, and I hope those things can be a part of my family history.

So I am kind of asking myself… why am I doing this Birthday Bash? It will be fun and I can show off some products I love. But I don’t know if I’ll ever do it again.

Until then… help me celebrate my 4th year of blogging by entering to win some giveaways!

Welcome to my blog’s Birthday Bash to celebrate INeverGrewUp.net’s 4th (or wait, is it the 5th?) Year of Blogging!

Giveaways Galore!

Over $450 in giveaways!

You can click on each item listed below here to be taken to each blog post to enter to win. Or just scroll down under this post to enter yourself into all FIVE giveaways. You must comment on every single giveaway post you are interested in winning. Comments made on this post do not count.


Mini Polaroid Camera by FujiFilm ($150)

Children’s Books by Carmen Agra Deedy ($80)

Tea Collection Clothing Line ($100)

Sweet Tooth Fairy Cakebites (Can’t put a price on this!)

Thanksgiving Point Annual Family Pass ($175)

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