Weekend Before Reagan Arrived (6 months ago)

March 6th, 2013 in About Me

Reagan will be six months old in a couple of days. So naturally I want to write about the weekend before she was born now, six months late.

I had no contractions–of course, I never have. I was feeling horribly guilty that I was having a baby when toting around another baby. I was getting in the midst of moving to another country, getting a house ready for renters—blah blah blah, you all have heard this before.

I remember though that I just really wanted the baby out. And I really wanted to see my body go into labor on it’s own. I also was loving October in Utah and feeling—weird. Yes I was feeling weird. Just too many things were going on and I wanted to run away. So I went high up into the mountains to Silver Lake. Yes it is HIGH up in those mountains. And I took all my girls alone with my 9 month pregnant self. Who was set to be induced just two days later.

And I hiked the full hike all around Silver Lake. Not one itty bitty contraction hit me and that is when I knew it wasn’t going to happen. I wasn’t going into labor on my own. So I remember glumly getting into my car and cruising down the mountain feeling defeated.

I had grandiose plans to go out with each girl one night to have a good one on one time with each of them. That didn’t happen, each of them just got to stay up with me. Cameron and I ate a Kneaders cupcake and watched Cupcake Wars. Abby and I watched the two Harry Potter movies we own. Shae and I laid on my bed and read Halloween books. I held their hands and thought about how much I loved them. But that was about all I was good for. I took the itty bit of energy I had left and went on a date with my husband. I am trying to remember if that date went well–I probably was not the best company. Lastly I went and got my hair blown out and lost it on a lady. Who deserved it.

And then I gave my kids to my parents and went in to have that baby.

Like we does it.


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