Wednesday’s Everyday Beauty

November 4th, 2009 in Beauty in Everyday


This picture should be documentation that I usually DO wear makeup. 
This is me without makeup and a beautiful zit on my forehead. 
Quite sexy, I know.

Man I love them.

Even if at the end of the night I am ready to run away, I still love them. Sometimes the hour before bedtime is the hardest. Our Daddy doesn’t come home at a certain time, so most nights we are on our own.

I am so tired at the end of the day…really….tired. My energy is fizzling out. Sometimes I lock us in a room and just lie smack dab in the middle, letting them yank/sit/place toys on top of me while I rest.

My favorite nights are the ones where they jump into the tub, I jump into the shower next to the tub, and after we are all clean we hurry out as fast as we can, wrap ourselves in a warm blanket and hop on my bed.

Then we read P-A-L-M-S.

Yes Palms, for some reason my girls can’t say the word poems. Shel Silverstein is our best friend right before bedtime. The girls are entranced as I read about a boy with long hair that can fly or how to make a hippo sammie.

We all unwind. We all relax. I like this ending of our days together the best.

What Beauty do you find in Wednesdays?


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