Wednesday:Mid Week Ramlings—Importance of Traditions

What is one of the single things you as a parent can do that will provide your child with a sense of belonging, connectedness, security, stability, pride in their heritage and family?

Family Traditions

Creating them now and faithfully repeating them throughout your children’s lives
will supply you with many great family memories.

Growing up every Saturday we worked together as a family in the morning and then had a family meeting where we “voted” for what we were going to do in the afternoon for fun as a family. Boating every Saturday during the summers, was a great family tradition. On Valentines Day, when we arrived home from school my mother had a present for each of us to make us feel loved. Saturday mornings, my siblings and I would cook breakfast to bring Mom and Dad in bed.

My husband had family traditions revolving around the holidays. Making special food for Christmas Eve and St. Patricks Day is something they still do to this day.

In my family we are creating our own family traditions, bringing some along from our families, but also creating our own. For Valentines Day we send the kids on a scavenger hunt around the house and at the end they get their special treat. For Halloween we go to the pumpkin patch and come home and decorate it. Every night we read books and sing them their own lullabies. For my oldest daughter;s birthday we have made it the tradition to visit the zoo.

It is also fun to look ahead and look forward to the traditions we can start later in their lives. I would love to take my girls to the American Girl Store in NYC (thank you for the idea John and Kate plus 8!)

Your Family Traditions can be something as simple as having Saturday Morning be cuddle time in Mom and Dad’s bed or going to the water park every July in the summer.

What Family Traditions would you like to start? What do you already do?


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