Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—Family and Colors

Teaching Colors

This was the first thing I felt like I really sat down and taught my daughter and it was very exciting when she learned them all. I felt very proud :) I used pipe cleaners, I would spread them out like a deck of cards and she got to tell me what color it was, then throw it up in the air! I started with only 3 and then would add more in each time. Coloring also was a big teaching tool, she would color herself but really loved when she could boss me around and tell me exactly what color she wanted and where :)

Looking back though I think it was the everyday things that really taught her all the colors. Now that she is good at it we play so many games to occupy time using colors.

-Reading: Eric Carle books were the best with teaching colors, a lot of times he included the colors of things in his stories. With her other books I would add it in.

-Getting ready in the morning, I would tell her the COLORS of a few shirts and let her pick which COLORED shirt she wanted to wear

-Errands: In the car, waiting in line at the grocery store, everywhere we would point out the different colors of things.

-Food: Every snack and mealtime we talked about all the colors of all the food.

I found a great little article online with some fun game ideas to teach children colors

Teaching our kids is so fun, we both end up feeling so proud when they get it right. It also helps create such a great bond with your child, to sit and learn together.


My Great Grandma just passed away, I wouldn’t say I was happy to hear, but I was happy for her. I am so happy for her that she is in a place where she is no longer hurting and sick. My daughter Abby got to spend a lot of time with her (she was her great great grandma) and just loved her. She loved to hold her and tell her the Little Piggy story on her toes. She also told me many stories of when she was little and a young mother. She loved to talk about her horses, how the Native Americans would come to her home and sleep on their floor when they were travelling through. She also talked a lot about her baby June, who passed away when she was a week old. I feel so grateful that we got to spend good time with her in her last year and that she shared some stories with us.

It got me thinking that I need to set aside a few afternoons a month that we can sit and write a letter, draw pictures, or make a phone call to the Grandparents we have left. One of my favorite childhood memories is the stories that my Grandmother and I would send back and forth in the mail. Each of us would add on another couple pages and some drawings.  My Grandfather would record himself reading books on a tape and send the book along with it in the mail. Now some of them have passed on and some of them are alive. Last night we put together Easter cards for them with some coloring and recent pictures of the girls. It is really up to us to make sure our children have a good relationship and memory of their older Grandparents. I want to share stories with my girls about their Grandparents so they can remember and love them when they are gone. I know we can all probably be better at doing this, I know I can.

I love you Grandma.

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