Wednesday: Mid-Week Ramblings–Writing to Your Children

February 4th, 2009 in Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

I write to my children once a month, you could maybe call it journaling for them, but mostly I love writing to my kids about how much I love them. Some months it is about a fun vacation we went on, a hard time they are having and sometimes it is something as simple as this entry below.

(Note: Poki is the nickname my oldest daughter has been using for Cameron since she was brand new)

Dear Miss Poki Bear

Sometimes it is the very little simple things that make me realize you are growing up.


I thought you might be old enough to sit in the “big wagon” with Abby while we do our errands. You are usually a pretty laid back keep to yourself kind of gal but when I put you in there you started screeching with delight, bouncing up and down and knew right away what to do with that steering wheel and horn. It was like you were just waiting for the chance to be a big girl like Abby.

Last night as I was putting Abby to bed she starting crying quietly, I asked her what was wrong and she said, “Poki I need her.” I thought she has said something mean because well lets face it sometimes the girl isn’t too nice to you. I started to say that wasn’t to nice to say you did NOT need her. Abby said, “No Mom I NEED her, I miss her, I want to give her lots of hugs and kisses.”

Remember that Pokes, that Abby loves you tons and tons even when at the end of the “big wagon ride” she is smushing your face over and over with her finger and laughing.

I try Pokes, I try…



Do you write to your children, what types of things do you include?

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