Wednesday: Mid-Week Ramblings—Motherhood

November 26th, 2008 in Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings

Over the past few months I have received quite a few questions relating to motherhood. Asking how to stay inspired, how to stay grateful, how to stay happy, how to make sure you take care of yourself personally, how to ”provide yourself with meaningful, intellectual, stimulating activities while still being the world’s number one mom.” I wanted to give time and thought to these questions and ask others to help me give advice, inspiration, helpful words without coming off as a know it all, bossy, judgemental and without downplaying the true concerns and struggles us as mothers have. You can click here to read the first post on Motherhood and click here to read the second. I am going to share my thoughts for the third and last post on Motherhood.

Motherhood is constantly changing in my life, as soon as I feel I have things down, someone changes and I am scrambling to figure things out.

What I have figured out is myself (although that changes too but not as frequently) and what I need to help myself be a Mother.

~Inspiration from others. I take a lot of inspiration and strength from other’s examples. It can be from women in my family, neighborhood and friends all over the country. I take quite a bit of strength and inspiration from friend’s online who inspire me to patient, not to be to hard on myself, to be happy, to stay positive and enjoy life daily. Personally I don’t take to much out of writers who are to negative, I feel it brings me down so I am careful with who I follow and what I read.

~The Arts. Just a beautiful painting capturing motherhood can lift my day, a quick read from books and publications that speak to me. Music can change the tone of the whole household and I use it daily, to cheer up or soothe or laugh.

Seeing the Everyday

The Mother in Me

 ~Creativity. Sometimes this is hard because if I take on to much it makes me stressed, if I take on to little I feel empty. I can feel creative by keeping up on world events, taking some beautiful photos, writing, studying a subject that I am currently interested in or trying a new recipe.

~Support. To know that I have a spouse, friends and family who support me and understand the importance of motherhood is priceless. I also gain a lot of strength and inspiration from my religion, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, to know that I have church leaders that value motherhood as a divine calling.

~Helping Others.This is what I know the best about myself, if I am going through a hard time I need to help others. Depending on where I am in my life helps vary what I have time for or what I am able to do. It can be as simple as writing a note to show my appreciation for a loved one to signing myself up for a big project with the United Way. This brightens my life and helps me put things in perspective.

 ~Joy. Motherhood is hard and tiring. But there is a lot of joy, find joy in your children every day and love them to pieces. Take lots of hugs and kisses while they will let you. Smile and express your love for them every day of your life.

What keeps you inspired as a Mother?


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