Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—Geography and Oceans

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I never thought of teaching Abby about the location and facts of the different OCEANS on our huge map downstairs. I always just focus on the different countries or states. Oceans are just as (well in my opinion sometimes better) fun to learn about than the different countries on the map.

We recently checked out the book Atlantic by G. Brian Karas which is a beautiful beautiful beautiful book about the ocean and at the end has fun facts.

I also told her about my experiences with the Atlantic Ocean, which is my baby, I lived next to it for 18 years of my life. YES even with all of those jellyfish, when you want to swim in the ocean nothing can stop you :)

Fun Facts:

The largest ocean is the Pacific. The second largest is the Atlantic. The third largest is the Indian.


The surface area of the Atlantic Ocean is 31,660,446 square miles.


The Atlantic Ocean takes up one fifth of the earth’s surface. The deepest point of the ocean is 28,374 feet.


The Atlantic Ocean holds 17 quadrillion gallons of water.


Under the Atlantic Ocean there are plates about 3 to 4 miles thick. These plates are always forming so when more plates come the old ones fall into the middle of the earth and melt into magma. The magma then floats up and goes into volcanoes. That’s why volcanoes erupt.


Inside the Atlantic Ocean there is a sea about 9,000 miles long called the Sargasso Sea. It is thought of as the “Deadly Sea” because there are thousands of pounds of seaweed. It is believed by people that when ships would go there that the seaweed would strangle the boats and make them sink. 


Now she can identify the Atlantic Ocean (although I think she is pointing to the next place I was quizing her about) and hopefully one day spend lots of fun summers in it.

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