Wednesday: Mid Week Ramblings—I Just Want a Great Pediatrician

I am frustrated.

I just want a great pediatrician for my kids.

I want someone that is gentle when examining my children, thoughtful with what they say, and that doesn’t  seem rushed and disinterested.

Oh and pretending they knew anything about my children would be nice to, isn’t that part of what doctor’s notes are for?

Also could the staff not give my child the wrong dose of medicine, be extremely grumpy and act like I am inconveniencing them.

Can you tell I have had a bad few times at the doctors the past couple of weeks?

So I am on the look for a new pediatrician which I was already because we have moved into a different county in the state.

Let me know if you know of what to look for or if you know of any in the Riverton Utah area.

On another note I wanted to share a few ideas of how to keep your kids happy and occupied during visits to the doctor’s office. Those two lousy children’s books they put in each waiting room only buy you so much time.

-Simon Says works wonders

-Guess what animal I am being?


-I Spy

-Sticker Books I save especially for long doctor waits

-Song Time

But when you have been the doctor as many times as I have been this week, I caved in and it ended up in this:

Which according to the flier on the back of the waiting room door informed me would lead to my child having a higher chance of suffering from ADD.

But you know what, sometimes you just have to give in, and this was one of those times.

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