We Have a Kindergartener!

September 12th, 2011 in About Me, Learning

Since the thought of my oldest going into Kindergarten had me really weirded out, a bit blue, excited and sad all at the same time…I decided to get busy with having fun!

I asked Abby what she wanted to do for fun with JUST ME before her first day of school. I have created a monster so she wanted to “go get her hair done at the nice smelling place!” (Aveda) She wanted it CURLY!

We did a “Girls Night IN” with my mom.

Menu: Brazilian Lemonade, Teriyaki Mango Chicken Salad on Croissants, Veggies & Fruit, and Cupcakes from One Sweet Slice in South Jordan (Chocolate Raspberry & Snickers- delish, btw)

My mom brought pictures from when I went into school to show to the girls.  She also brought a blanket for Abby. She showed her the different fabrics and why she picked them for her, what they represented from Abby’s personality. And she told her how she was going to add a patch on the blanket for every big event in her life.

Then after my mom left we blasted music and did a good old fashioned dance party before we had a good night of sleep:

Then since Tyler was home the morning before school I decided to start a tradition of a nice breakfast with a “theme” for each school year. This year’s theme is:

So we talked about how to make friends, how to treat everyone around you and how to be a leader. Then…ok, we LIKE bacon in our house and we probably only have it maybe 5 times a year. But my girls have this weird obsession with it…they’re always asking for it and asking if I am cooking it and telling me they can smell bacon somewhere in the neighborhood. Really, it’s kind of odd and funny. So for breakfast we had BACON!! And some other stuff too, but mainly bacon.




Then before school she and her sister got a blessing from her daddy. We set up a nail salon to get our nails done, did some homework and got all ready for school. She couldn’t wait to wear….

I took too many pictures of her because I was stalling the dreaded walk to the school. When we got there she ran in to see all her friends. She was waving at us with a polite but ‘COME ON GET OUT, MOM’ smile.

And when the teacher told everyone to wave goodbye to their parents (ahh!) she didn’t even look over! She was just beaming, looking around at the classroom and her teacher and friends and BAW! I walked home feeling very smart at the decision to wear big dark sunglasses.

She LOVES school. Goodness, she just loves it. After Wednesday & Thursday being pretty “blue” days over here, I was feeling much better on Friday. It is nice to be on a schedule and to see her growing up. Well, growing up A BIT. I can deal with just a bit. No more though, no thank you.

P.S. Best part of this all? Having a lot of time with Poki. I’ll tell you all about HER school next :)

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