Water Fountains

February 12th, 2013 in Our Travels Worldwide

Tyler & I wrote a post over at Todays Mama answering some of the questions we always get asked dealing with moving to Costa Rica. You should check it out here. At the end of the post I wrote…

Earlier today we decided to hop in the van and explore our little city of Playa Hermosa. We followed our long dirt road and bugged a couple of the locals to see if anything was cool ahead in the jungle. We found ourselves at the end of the road and in paradise. Waterfalls, little cliffs to jump off of, pools of cold water from the hills. The girls threw rocks from pool to pool, my husband started jumping off of higher rocks into bigger pools. The baby and I sat watching everyone in this movie come true. Just our little family, in the middle of nowhere, deep in the jungle, having a ball together. Happy we did this, happy we are here? Why yes I think so.

Pura Vida.

It is such a beautiful spot and the girls call it the “water fountains” because they like to change the direction of the rocks and play in them. Add more in, take some away, to make the water fountains spurt different directions.

To get there you just travel further down our road towards the jungle.

Pass by the cows.

Walk in the jungle a bit, turn a corner, and play in the waterfall pools.

But for fun in the “water fountains” you just play right at the road’s end. Such a perfect place.


Pura Vida

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