Wasatch Woman of the Year

January 12th, 2010 in Life

The Wasatch Woman of the Year Event is coming up.  Last year I really wanted to attend but I have an ongoing struggle called, “Who can watch my kids?” Hopefully you don’t have this problem. Most likely, though, if you are reading my blog you have kids. So then obviously you DO have this problem.

Not this year.  I am cashing in my Babysitting Chips to attend this event, and let me tell you why.

Yesterday I wrote about the words that give me strength as a mother.  Even more sometimes, however, the EXAMPLES of other women keep me going stronger through their inspiration. Everyday Mothers. I have talked about ‘Everyday Beauty’ and how it is the most beautiful of all. The women that Wasatch Woman honor are such Everyday examples to me- and I use that Everyday term in a very meaningful way.

Every year Wasatch Woman puts together an event to honor these women.  This year the 2010 Wasatch Woman of the Year luncheon is going to be held on January 29, 2010 from 11am to 1pm at the Hilton Salt Lake City Center.

Price of a ticket is $25 and includes an amazing lunch.  Be sure to read up on what they are serving.

What a great opportunity to gain strength as a woman or mother, to get to know other women in the area, and to just have a fun time together!

I cashed in my Babysitting Chips (which, believe me, is tough to do) and I am attending.  I hope to see you there too! Take an afternoon off and join us!

I also wanted to quickly feature the “Everyday” beautiful women they are honoring:

Linda Hill has lived with cancer four different times for more than half her life. Let me tell you, watching my grandfather go through cancer numerous times, there is no way to fully explain what this means. Linda started a T-shirt company using available credit to poke fun at cancer along with her brother and five (Wow?! Five!) daughters. She shares how dealing with cancer helped her become a better mother and person.  You can read her whole feature here.

Lia Gerke is my age (it’s nice to see that!), 24, and is already a sucessful business owner, volunteer and wife. She urges other business owners to have social responsibility and spend more time volunteering.
Lindsey Rietzch is a a well-known book author, small business owner, motivational speaker, Web developer, counselor, mentor, blogger, song writer and music composer. I love how in the article she says, “My husband and children will always come before my profession and as long as they know and feel that, then I know I am doing a good job at balancing the two.” Wonderful, you can read her whole feature here.
Alissa Black is a crime victims advocate with the Murray Police Department. She worked hard to put together a program to help victims in heartbreaking situations with emergency funding. She is amazing.  You must read her whole feature here.
Rhonda Nicoloff became president of A&K Railroad Materials two years before her 40th birthday which was unheard of in the male dominated railroad industry. You can read her full story here.
Stephanie Nielson- oh how we all love her, don’t we? Stephanie has changed my life personally in so many ways.  You can read her feature here.
See, I told you it is going to be amazing.  You can buy tickets here.


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