Views of My Commute

January 11th, 2013 in About Me

Life in Costa Rica is in a lot of ways just like back home. I take the kids to and from all their things, change one billion diapers, have the same errands to run, a house to clean. You know just the hubbub of daily life.

The ocean always has been a place I love because it has a way with me. It is hard to explain…but I will try. The sound and rhythm of the waves seems to take everything in me and take it out to sea. And I am only left with a feeling of calmness and peace. Yes even when Tyler and I are running around like chickens with our heads cut off making sure that all 4 kids don’t drown. Even then I feel only happiness inside of me.

I am not a jewelry kind of gal, even down to my wedding ring, which at the moment is a $40 hand-melted twist of silver. But I do have one piece of jewelry that is important to me:

My heart does long for the sea!


Back to the point of this post, I just wanted to show you the views from the main road. I drive it quite a few times a week to take someone somewhere or to get some errand done. Not too shabby huh?

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