Valentines Day in Costa Rica

February 20th, 2013 in Parties

Here is a sidenote for you before I show off our Valentines Day party. I have a “mother’s helper” at the house now. I want to tell you all about her and how I found her. But I’ll save that for another day. She is from Colombia and she was telling me how they celebrate Valentines Day. It is called Amor Y Amistad, and is celebrated on the 3rd weekend of September. She told me that they write all their friends/family’s names on pieces of paper and put them in a cup. Then they draw names and for a week leave the person surprise gifts. Then you have a big party and tell everyone who their “secret Valentines” were. 

Can I celebrate Valentines like this from now on? No pressure put on your most loved one. No busy restaurants, cheap candy, and pressure to buy flowers you don’t even like that much. Sign me up!

Well here in Costa Rica we threw a Valentines Day party for a handful of friends from the area. I should say friend’s that have girls. There is a whole group of families out here that have boys–I need to plan something to include them! But I didn’t think Valentines day would be the right occasion for that.

Decorations: String of colored hearts from origami paper, conversation saying hearts on the front window, polka hearted table, and large heart made out of post it notes.

Food: Lucky enough to find decorated VDay cupcakes. They tasted like an old dry corn muffin–but they looked cute! Some pretty gross meringues, the after taste was of a spice I know should not be in meringues. And some sugar processed kind of pink drink. For the moms I had homemade brownies and some cold Jones soda. The kids got the raw deal on this one!

Games: Getting to know you game asking questions like, What is your favorite TV show? to What is the best thing about you? Also Don’t Eat Cupid…why do kids love this game so much?

Crafts: Painting tide pool rocks and sea shells with some beautiful shades of paint. Cute Valentine Day Ladybug holders made from pizza boxes. This was my friend’s idea, cute right?

And then the….Exchanging of Valentines. Such cute Valentines were brought, our were these:

You Make My Heart POP! Bubbles posted on Love Stitched . Paper Airplane Valentine posted on One Charming Party designed by Ollibird. Fortune Teller Valentine posted on DesignMom. Thanks ladies for making Valentines easy for us this year. 

I love doing things like these, I really do. You know what I forget though? It is harder to pull off this stuff with two babies. But that probably won’t stop me—I love little parties like these.


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