Utah Truffles

This Utah Truffles review is brought to you by my sister in law, my two brothers in law, my mother, my cousin, my girls, my husband and ME! Man, they sent me a large box full of stuff. A fabulous early Mother’s Day present.

This Utah Truffles GIVEAWAY ON THIS POST is brought to you by the nice folks over at Utah Truffles.

We are a local company with our factory in Salt Lake. Our chocolates can be found in grocery stores, book stores and gift shops all over Utah. We specialize in chocolate truffles and just barely started offering dark chocolate truffles on April 1st. All of our chocolates are made with high quality natural* ingredients and are 100% gluten free. Yummy, silky smooth goodness with no artificial preservatives or transfats so you can feel good about your indulgence. -From the owner of Utah Truffles

Where to Find Utah Truffles

Website: http://www.utahtruffles.com/

Facebook Page: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Utah-Truffles/178476233836

So let’s get to it! I have a high standard for chocolate. I have been ruined by being served some amazing chocolate from around the country and world. Sometimes I wish I could go back to the grocery store chocolate bars because they are so much cheaper! But let me tell you what I thought of the Utah Truffles products.

Dipped Products: Now this is why I had a lot of family help for this review. I don’t get the orange slices and cinnamon bears dipped in chocolate, but I know people love them. Everyone liked the taste of the chocolate, that it was a nice quality, was dipped at the right temperature and stored the right way so it tasted well on the dipped items. The orange slices went fast and everyone thought they were perfect but there were a lot of comments that the cinnamon bears needed more of a contrast. The bears should have been more spicy and less sweet. The Oreos had a taste to them that was a bit minty so my family members and husband who can’t stand mint with chocolate were disappointed. But those who do like a mild mint flavor thought they were wonderful.

Truffles: So I have this husband who can only do chocolate on it’s own or with peanut butter. No mint, no fruit, no nuts, no nothing…he can’t even stand any sort of almond extract that bakers put into their items. So when he tried the regular milk chocolate truffles he was disappointed because there was a very slight mint taste to them. I don’t know if it is how/where they prepare their items or how they package their items. NOW, for the rest of us who love flavors with chocolate it was not a problem at all! Everyone commented on the firmness of the truffles but appreciated how smooth they were to cut through on the inside. The texture was perfect and the quality of the chocolate was pretty good. The flavors that got thumbs up comments were: mint, chocolate, orange and toffee. The flavors that people were not loving were raspberry and almond.

Dark Chocolate Truffles: Ding Ding Ding! These were the winners with the highest marks! Alright, that dark chocolate orange truffle is amazing. My family members who don’t even normally like orange flavoring with chocolate were really impressed. Personally *I* was most impressed with the dark chocolate truffles. Mmm Mmm! Can we say Mother’s Day gift? *HINT HINT* to my husband. I want more of those dark chocolate truffles.

I wish they had more items with nuts and caramel. That is what I love the most about chocolates: nuts, hazlenut, gooey caramel and hard caramel. I feel like the Utah Truffles line is missing my most favorite things! So I hope they put those next on their list.

So there is my honest opinion (along with brothers, cousins and husbands) on Utah Truffles.

Now for the giveaway. It’s $100 bucks worth of chocolate so be sure to enter yourself. OR enter your wife’s name so she can win and you can have Mother’s Day all taken care of this year.

This is what Utah Truffles is giving away:

1 box of 24 assorted bars, 1 box 50 assorted pieces, 1 1lb box of truffles, 1 bag chocolate covered cinnamon bears, 1 bag chocolate covered candy oranges, 1 bag chocolate covered pretzels, and 1 bag of chocolate covered Oreos.

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And don’t forget to keep Utah Truffles in mind for a fun Mother’s Day gift idea!


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