Utah TRAX Giveaway!

August 1st, 2011 in local

A couple of weeks ago TRAX invited some bloggers to be the first group to ride their newest line. You can read the news story here. (Might I add that I read the comments on these newspaper websites just for sport? It is very entertaining. P.S. KSL has the best of the best comments.)

The girls love TRAX. It is a special treat for them to ride “the train” downtown and to do something fun. It is even better when we invite some friends to come along. Obviously at this time in my life I don’t use TRAX for commuting but I really hate driving downtown when it is super busy AND even though I’m a grown woman, I still cannot parallel park so…the TRAX line is well needed sometimes in my life.

This new Mid-Jordan and West Valley line will be good for me for a few reasons. The start of the line is in Daybreak, which is very close to my home. One of the stops is Gardner Village and that is a place we love to go during the fall season (although, they really need to up their game on their shops…R.I.P. The Christmas Tree Shop). AND most importantly, now we don’t have to drive 35 minutes to what used to be the closet TRAX stop when we want to go downtown. Now it is only 5 minutes away. In the past, I would have driven all the way to Sandy (the closet stop) and then just figured, ‘Heck, I’ll drive all the way to Salt Lake City.’  But now I won’t do that and boy, it will be nice ’cause the kids love riding TRAX. It also saves on gas, doesn’t add any more black air to our already very dirty air here in the valley and I don’t have to stress about being caught in traffic or finding parking (or, as I said, trying to parallel park).

I really do wish that the TRAX stop was closer to the Daybreak “downtown.” That really would have been nice for the restaurants and shops to have people brought closer to support those businesses. I also have an issue with how I *thought* TRAX was too expensive for our family. But it turns out that I have been buying tickets for my kids for 5 years that I didn’t need to be buying. Yep, that is right. You don’t pay for kids 6 or under. But when my kids are older I might be back in the same boat again. I’ll feel it is too expensive. Even with the high price at that point, I know I would still use it a couple of times a year to avoid traffic, parking and because I have always had a good experience with TRAX. It’s always kept very clean and is always running on time.

To read all of the details on this brand new TRAX line and to see exactly when it opens, where the stops are, when it runs, etc. check out this link: http://www.rideuta.com


Who wants to win a pass for 4 people to ride TRAX for free?

Just comment on this post to enter yourself. Good luck!

P.S. Let’s see. For an extra entry you can “Like” Ride UTA on Facebook.

P.P.S. On August 3rd the public can ride the new Mid-Jordan and West Valley lines. UTA is partnering with the Utah Food Bank to “let food be your fare” that day. Those boarding at one of the new stations will be encouraged to bring a non-perishable food item. Rides will begin at 9:00 a.m. and both lines will offer 15-minute service for the entire day, in addition to other festivities at the stations.

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