Up House in Herriman Utah

July 9th, 2011 in local, Love of Local in Utah

The Up House in Herriman, Utah is super close to us. To get the girls’ wiggles out right before we left for California, we walked over there to check it out.

The builder happened to be standing there just grinning at his work. His company is Bangerter Homes and he thinks his list price for this house will be 399,999. It is going to be in the Salt Lake Parade of Homes where everyone can take a tour.

He said the inside is just like the movie as well. When you look through the window you can see a huge picture over the fireplace of Paradise Falls. On the front door he even has all the locks just like the little old man has! The builder was telling my husband they had to get special permission from Disney and then had to give Disney the plans to the house. If I remember right it is 2800 square feet, the builder says it is very livable and it has a 3 car garage, a basement, etc. Maybe we will see Up! houses all around the place?

Cool huh? Can’t wait to see the inside!

Would you live in a house like this?

You will have to come visit us when you come out to see the Up House in Herriman, Utah.


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