Turkey Kid’s Craft

November 12th, 2010 in Crafts

So last year we did the ever popular “Grateful/Thankful Tree” which is always cute and fun. Then the year before we did a “Gratitue Can” which I still love to use for decoration.

This year I wanted to think up something new, something that the kids could mainly do on their own.

Introducing….Thankful Turkeys, a super fun Turkey Kid’s Craft.


Paper (Brown and also different colors for feathers)





1. Cut out your “turkey” and feathers.

2. Attach feathers to your turkey with a brad.

3. Write what you are thankful for…like Sparkles or Lipstick or Ducks.

4. Decorate your house with them!

You know what else I thought would be cute?  Make smaller versions of these and use them as name places for Thanksgiving dinner. Then let everyone personalize their turkey with what they are thankful for and they can take it home as a souvenir. Even if the adults aren’t into the idea, you could do it just for the kiddos. It would be cute!


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