Tuesday:Weekly Book Review—Teaching Your Children about Emotions Through Books

One of the greatest teaching tools to me is books. When you are teaching your children something you can always tell when they have that “ah ha!” moment. This happens a lot with us when we are reading a book.

These are some books that have helped me teach my daughter about her feelings and emotions.

Today I Feel Silly & Other Moods That Make My Day by Jamie Lee Curtis illustrated by Laura Cornell

I think for my daughter she just finds it so surprising that this author is talking about a girl who feels “silly, happy, grumpy, frustrated, mean” JUST LIKE HER! Jamie Lee Curtis has such a knack for writing in just the right way for children to relate with.

The book takes your through 13 whirlwind emotions which will make you chuckle because of how comical they are.

The illustrator changes the coloring and illustrations to fit the little girl’s mood. This book doesn’t teach the child to act any way she wants because of her mood, BUT that having different moods is fine, healthy and a part of growing up.

I Was So Mad (my daughter’s FAVORITE book of all time) by Mercer Mayer

My daughter (who just turned two) can actually recite this book because of the crazy amount of times she has read it. She really relates to this book, “I am just SO MAD” Boy it IS frustrating that there are rules and you can’t do whatever you want! But at the end of the day everything is ok. As you probably already know being two if hard, and can be extremely frustrating and I really think it is a comfort for her to see someone going through the same thing.

“I wanted to put some frogs in the bathtub but Mom said I couldn’t….I was just so MAD!”
“I wanted to play in my little sister’s dollhouse but Dad said I couldn’t…I was just so MAD!”

What books have you used to teach your children about emotions?

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