Tuesday:Weekly Book Review—Helping Your Child Through Fears with Books

One Tuesday morning while at story time Abby had a meltdown. Not a normal one, she was really terrified of what the books were about this particular week…..monsters.

Every fear your child has you will probably end up dealing with in a different way. Some get better with time, some just fade away, some with a conversation. This fear of hers we dealt with by reading books. We bought the book that had really terrified her….Go Away Big Green Monster by Edward Emberley. It really isn’t that scary of a book at all, it just hit a nerve with her. We sat down to read the book and I made a point to giggle during the whole thing and smack my hand on hte monster’s head when I read “Go Away!” It took a few times reading through it, but I don’t hear her talk about monsters before she goes to bed, and she thinks the books is very silly.

This is another book that helped her, Go To Bed Monster by Natasha Wing and Sylvie Kantorovitz.


What are your child’s fears? Dogs? Bugs? Do you think it could be helped by books?

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