Tuesday:Weekly Book Review—Gus is a Tree

Sometimes people email me asking how they can teach their children to relax in nature when they don’t really get it themselves. I want you all to check out this book because it is the perfect example and explains it in such an amazing way.

Gus is a TreeGus is a Tree by Claire Babin; illustrated by Olivier Tallec

Gus is a Tree is about a boy who, while playing with other children, falls asleep beneath a tree and then dreams of experiencing life as a tree. Gus shares the forest with other trees including birches, oak and beeches. He sees an autumn sunset and a wild boar family search for food. Night falls and he senses other creatures–owls, bats, even a dormouse that lives in a knot in another tree. He experiences a refreshing fall of rain and feels squirrels scamper up and down his bark. Then he is awakened by his friends who tell him it is time to go inside from the rain.


It reminded me a lot of Abby today at Nature Days. She had fun with the other children but after a while I noticed her playing under the trees by herself. I could tell how calm she felt, saw her love for nature and watched as it made her face light up.

This week I have been talking and thinking a lot about the most beautiful place I have been: the Maine seacoast. I remember walking along the coastline for hours–the smells, sights, feel of the air, noises and how I felt inside. Complete bliss. I need to book tickets to Maine now for us all to recharge!

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