Tuesday:Weekly Book Review—Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy by Jane O’Connor

Fancy Nancy and the Posh Puppy by Jane O’Connor

We are all suffering from cabin fever, so we decided to go on an outing, while walking through Barnes and Noble a book caught my eye. I had seen the author on Martha Stewart a couple months ago. It was so bright and glittery so I had to take it down for us to see!
The illustrations are adorable, such wonderful detail, and once again the sparkle and glitter! What little girl could not love that? (Don’t worry not the kind of glitter that will decorate your home for months)

Now the real test, if it could hold my daughters attention. For her age, each page cannot contain to much of a story, and the pictures need to be enough to keep her interested.

The story was simple, not to much on each page, the vocabulary was awesome, I was ecstatic (that’s a fancy word for one of a kind). My daughter even took a long time to look at each illustration after I was done reading.

The story is about Nancy, a fancy little girl who would like a puppy. She talks her less fancy family, who wants a boring dog into babysitting her neighbor’s papillon. She realizes that this small puppy is not right for her, but after a visit to the animal shelter her and her family find the right dog for them.

Your child will learn a handful of new words to help broaden their vocabulary, and probably end with wanting you to get them a dog and help put on their tutu!

If you have a dog loving, tutu wearing, girl in your home, this is most definitely the book for her!


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