Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—“where i live” by Eileen Spinelli

This is the book I was telling you about that made me cry, if I am being honest cry a lot. The reason being, it took me back to when I was little dealing with moving 11 different times, the stress of making new friends, dealing with Dad’s job changes and feeling a wide scope of emotions.

Mad…sad…excited…hurt…lonely…nervous…confused…terrified…you get the picture :) It was an adventure!

The book where i live by Eileen Spinelli is book of poetry that a young girl asks to help herself get through her difficult experience. The main character, Diana has recently learned her father has lost his job and they will be moving in with their grandfather. She loves astronomy, poetry and her little sister Twink. For the first part of the book, Diana writes about how she loves her own home, her friends, and her way of life. The second part of the book deals with how Diana gets through moving and learns to love her new home. 

Exert from the book:

Moving Day

I say my mad-sad good-byes.

Good-bye to my room

with the midnight blue walls

that look like night sky.

Good-bye to the yellow house

with the white shutters,

to the maple trees

and the daffodils

asleep in their beds.

Good-bye to Mrs. Clifford,

who stopped over

with a bag of

homemade cookies.

Good-bye to Rose,

who stand waving

as our car pulls off.

I watch her from the back window

until she is a tiny speck—

the hardest goodbye of all.

This is the PERFECT book for any child going through changes in their lives, I have already added it to my bookstore for you to buy!

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