Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Two Great Finds

My daughter and I recently found these two books at our library one takes a nontraditional take on a nursery rhyme and the other is an interactive book about animals.

Hickory Dickory Dock by Keith Baker

It uses a rhythmic, rhyming story that goes through each hour of the day with this nursery rhyme. Each hour brings a new creature along, the illustrations are all bold and colorful. This is an easy read that will hold your young child’s attention. We really enjoyed this book.

Can You Cuddle Like a Koala? by John Butler

This is the perfect book to help your young animal loving child fall asleep. The illustrations are very soft and all done in pastel coloring. It invites the reader to pretend like they are the animal, “Can you cuddle like a koala?” “Can you stretch like a tiger, waking from a dream?” Both of my young daughters loved this book and it was enjoyable to read to them.

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