Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—Fantastic Quirky Books

There Are Cats in This Book

There Are Cats In This Book by Viviane Schwarz is a very interactive book following three cats named Tiny, Moonpie, and Andre. They will ask you to blow on the page to dry them off, lift up flaps to find them and toss you a ball of yarn. This book is definite to get some good giggles out of your child.

Oliver Jeffers is an author I was excited to find out about and he has a whole collection of fantastic books.

How To Catch a Star  is about a young boy who wants a star and tries to recruit a seagull and rocket ship to help him. Then he thinks he finds one in the water, but it is only a reflection. He then spots a starfish and takes it with him to read to. I really enjoyed the coloring in this book, it was a jeweled tone which I seem to not see to often. This is one as an adult you will also appreciate because there are two different perspectives you can take on the book.

The Way Back Home has to be the most original children’s story I have heard in a long time, it is always nice to read something refreshing and original. This young adventurer finds a single-propeller airplane in his closet and decides to fly it into outer space. After experiencing some malfunctions he lands on the moon where he also finds a young Martian just as scared as he is stuck due to engine problems also.

The Incredible Book Eating Boy is another original tale and really funny! The 3 year old boy loves books and eats them! With every book he eats he gains more wisdom until the books start making him sick and everything he learned gets all messed up! He soon learns he enjoys actually reading them too. The illustrations are so clever and there is even a bite taken out of the back of the book. This one Santa is bringing to our house for sure.

Lost and Found is a book about friendship but is not gushy or overdone like some other books can be. This little boy finds a penguin at his door who is “lost” so decides to help him find home. But learns along the way that he was just lonely and needs a friend. The text is simple but evokes a lot of feelings of friendship.

The Great Paper Caper might be my favorite story since it teaches about conservation, recycling and it is pretty funny. The animals are trying to figure out where all their homes are going, they see a bear carrying around an ax and a  huge amount of paper airplanes scattered about. Will they find out what is going on and fix it? You will have to find out!

I really love these books, Santa will you bring them all please?


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