Tuesday: Weekly Book Review—-Language & Grammar

December 2nd, 2008 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review


 Nouns and Verbs Have a Field Day by Robin Pulver and Lynn Rowe Reed will introduce your child to grammar in a very playful way. This is a book I have checked out from the library but need to buy to have at home, this one is a keeper!


Punctuation Takes a Vacation by Robin Pulver and Lynn Rowe Reed  is a story about a teacher that decides to let punctuation take a vacation and the class learns how valuable punctuation really is.

The Alphabet Tree by Leo Lionni is a clever parable that will teach your children about letters, words, sentences and paragraphs.


Sparkle and Spin: A Book About Words by Ann Rand and Paul Rand explains the power of words you use everyday. The illustrations are colorful, witty and original! The text is clever and flows very well with lots of excitement in it.

Be sure to pick up these books to help develop your child’s language and grammar skills.

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