Tuesday: Weekly Book Review–Jamie Lee Curtis

April 14th, 2009 in Tuesday: Weekly Book Review

You know your girls are fans of Jamie Lee Curtis’ books when you read them almost every day. You really know your girls are fans of Jamie Lee Curtis’ books when they climb a very tall bookshelf during nap time so they can grab one to read. You really, really know your daughter absolutely loves the books when she stops to ask for one after falling while hysterically crying!

I enjoy the books because they teach important messages, from explaining adoption to being okay with your emotions. Jamie really has a knack for relating with and writing for children. You can tell she really loves writing these books by the excitement and love she puts into each one. She validates children’s feelings rather than downplaying them or telling children how they should act. She celebrates the silliness, excitement and even frustration of being a child.

If you haven’t read these books because you think they are “just another celebrity author” trying to make some extra cash, shame on you! :) Although I can’t blame you; I thought something similar when I read this book by a celebrity at the library. I was truly unimpressed, especially considering the fantastic illustrator with whom she was paired.

P.S. Can someone promise me I will look like her at that age? Heck, I’d love it if I looked like her at my age!

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